Late Night Coffee

March 23, 2011

I just realized, that I have been doing business for almost a month!! time flies~ tick tock tick tock..
money money money ;)

From one appointment to another..
i'm now in LOVE with my job

I manage my own business hours and get to spend my quality time with my beloved boys!! 

Last night, was a bit appointments. 
We just had our late night coffee with  our great leaders,
Hanis and Raz.

ANAK BERANAK berkerut muka..haha ;P

Danial excited tgk uncle raz ;)

Danial dah sebok nak tarik semua benda atas meja

we had a great time and great chat last night 
and sampai kena halau keluar from Starbucks..
"sorry guys, we're closing now"

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  1. naa,ur hubby ni dulu ex-uniten ke?mcm penah tgk la dulu.klu x silap org pnggil die acap.kan?name penuh xtau.haha..

  2. hehe..yup,btol la panggil die acap..ex-uniten ;)


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