Naa Kamaruddin (Me..myself ;))
NOW, with Premium Beautiful 
i can see the TRANSFORMATION instantly!
I got the PERFECT hour glass figure 
and yeayyyy, i can wear all my old clothes and pants. 
MR hubby is now smiling and admiring my NEW figure  ;)

This is me..after 40 days of confinement
After 2 months...

After 8 months....

then, i found the amazing product, 

ON MY FIRST DAY, wearing PB..

i can get the perfect figure instantly! 

in 2 months time..
 with the help of  

I have achieved:
  1. my ideal weight, 45kg!
  2. my waist measurements, from 72cm to 67cm.

Lily Marliza

Lily Marliza, one of my business partner's transformation is truly amazing.
Besides, achieving her body figure back after 1st pregnancy, now she is earning more side income too from this business. A successful auditor and a GLAMPRENEUR.

Aienn Latifi

About 44 days after giving birth, 
she went for a scheduled check-ups in Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC). It was 07/09/2011 - just about a week of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Her gynae Dr. Seri Suniza Suffian detected a cyst sized 4.89cm long inside Aienn's ovary.  
She was really shocked and 
according to the Dr., the cyst was there probably due to her previous pregnancy miscarriaged last October 2010. 
Dr. Seri told that her if the size reaches 5cm
She will need to quickly undergo a surgery 
to remove the cyst. 

Dr. Seri described: "...if the size not exceed 6cm, nanti surgeon will put in one loonngg needle through your belly button, and it will suck the fluid inside the cyst and eventually shrink and reduce the size of the cyst. After that, you'll be just fine... however if it exceed 6cm, the you might need to undergo a normal operation procedure...".
What did Aienn do?

boleh membantu to reduce the size of the cyst.
She continues wearing Premium Beautiful corset minimum of 8 hours a day tak kira masa kat rumah ke, pergi shopping ke, masa makan ke, dukung Hareez ke or breastfeed Hareez...
"I consistently put on the Premium Beautiful corset because I really believe the Long Girdle (LG) can help me reduce the cyst's size in 3-months time before the appointment with Dr. Seri."
And on Friday 16/12/2011
She went to PCMC again for a follow-up with Dr. Seri. Scheduled the check-up at 3.30pm. 
Once Dr. Seri put the scanner on Aienn's abdomen,
she said:

"...waaaa, Alhamdulillah!! Your cyst is totally gone..!! Nothing...nothing here. Yeap, it's clear..!!"
For full story.. u can go to Aienn's blog, 
and read more.

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