Pre-Birthday Celebration

March 25, 2011

We' ve been busy with appointments as the closing date of promotion month is getting soooo close. 

Alhamdulillah, I am one of  Hong Kong Qualifier!! yeayyy~

Last nite, one appointment was cancelled and I am desperately craving for ice creams!! 
At 11pm, dgn mengangkut danial sekali (since we dont have anyone to babysit him) teros cari mane tempat yg still bukak. i was planning to get Waffle+ice cream at A&W  at Wangsa Walk..but, OBVIOUSLY dah tutopp!!

We have only 2 choices left..McD or OLDTOWN kopitiam. 
So, i chose Oldtown Kopitiam. 

Daddy's teaching danial on how to read the menu

ice creamm~ yummy!!

mommy's rootbeer float..

roti kukus for danial

ice cream toast for us ;)

March 25th is actually my hubby's birthday..

Mr AsHrAf !!!
(love, hugs n kisses* from me n Danial)

Last night could be consider as our pre-celebration. 
Later on, we're gonna have a proper dinner.
Wait for my treat ok bee?
and i'm still searching for the right birthday present.. SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! ;P

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  1. wargh2x... muka danial bersungguh merasa ice cream 2.. :) btw, abg happy birthday..


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