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Premium Beautiful does not only shape and curve your body, its high quality fabric material can also promote healthy blood circulationincrease metabolism and 
help slimming effectively.
This is due to the fact that the technology of Far Infrared (F.I.R)
is woven into the fabric of highest quality.

With Premium Beautiful, you need no pills, medication, surgery, exercise and expensive therapy to look slimmer and curvy!
You will boost your confidence as it can safely promote smooth body curves by contouring unsightly fat to desired body parts.

The Leading Body Shaping Lingerie
Premium Beautiful  Corset 

More than 2 decades in the market, Premium Beautiful is known as the leading brand. 
Awarded with "SUPERBRAND" before, our latest Corset design has been voted as the 'Best Undercover for Lingerie Award 2015' in Women's Weekly Magazine. And recently, all Premium Beautiful Corset series were  nominated for the 2015 Reader's Choice Award

Premium Beautiful Classic & Elegence

Now, we have two designs to choose from. It can be either the Classic Black or the Elegance in Silver with an exclusive gold embroideries.



*New Premium Beautiful Elegance
This latest innovation offers:

- Stunning look with a lovely body contour as it gradually enhances body shape while maintaining excellent figure
- Total Comfort & Flexibility for today's modern and active women
- Superior High Quality Fabrics, lightweight and high stretchable fabric allows excellent air ventilation and heat reduction
- Ergonomically Safe as it is woven with far infra-red ray (FIR) to promote better blood circulation while shaping the body effectively

What is the difference between Classic and Elegance? 

No. 1
 The colors and the designs

The fabrics; 
Classic is made from Akwatek and Akwadyne while Elegance is made from Dynatek. 
If you are looking for more lightweight, total comfort and flexibility like you are not wearing anything inside, go for the New Elegance. It is highly recommended.

For more differences 
in terms of Functionality, Results and Duration, please refer below; 


What makes Premium Beautiful UNIQUE?

The 3-piece Design
Long Bra, Waist Nipper & Long Girdle

  • The unique 3-piece dimensional clipping cups designed to push up, support and provide firmness to chest.
  • Steel cartilage effectively provides firmness and support.
  • Bi-layer depression and tightness designed to flatten abdomen and enhance breasts natural shape at optimum.
  • 2 ultra-soft wire coils help to slim down body, enhance and firm up body contour.
  • The design of bi-layer depression and tightness enables to the reshape of excessive fat around the back, thus to attain an attractive figure.
  • Unique ‘U’ shape at the back not only serves as slimming purpose, but also outlines the back contour effectively.
  • Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.
  • Three pairs of Hook-and-Eye give you safe and comfortable flexibility.


  • Made of seven pieces of ‘smart technology’ wires. It provides support to waist comfortably as well as upholds the backbone and straightens postures firmly
  • The unique body-shape design, transfers the fat from waist to the breasts and buttocks accordingly, thus to create a perfect and well-balanced contour.
  • The imported string from Japan enables the forming of an exquisite waist contour.
  • The flexible cutting design creates a perfect contour individually.
  • Three pairs of Hook-and-Eye give you safe and comfortable flexibility.
  • Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.
  • Certified by American, Canadian, and Quebec Chiropractor Association.


  • The 32-piece stereoscopic cutting design, based on ‘Fragmentary Pressure Compression Theory’ will effectively divert displaced fat to its original position.
  • Unique hip cup cutting and design will effectively rectify the sagging buttocks, enhance the hip curve and prop-up-hip.
  • Detached contour thigh and buttocks, divert excessive fat around the thigh into the hip cup, attaining attractive  hip contour.
  • Cotton on the waist of girdle provides comfort and enhances waist curve.
  • Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.
  • The fixed pressure compression at the abdomen reduces the excessive fat, thus to flatten the abdomen.
  • Bi-layer pressure compression design helps to adjust excessive fat around thighs, thus to develop slimmer legs.
  • Holey bi-layer cotton provides comfort while wearing 
  • Flexible laces avoid any uncomfortable feeling.

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-Improves BLOOD  circulations
-Stabilize metabolic rate
 -SHAPE UP your body and give a good posture,
FIRM UP breasts and buttocks
-Reduce Cellulite and stretch marks
-Improve RESPIRATORY sistem
-Regulate period flow, improve irregular period and eliminate PERIOD PAIN
-Prevent the growth of CANCER cells 
-Help people to CONCEIVE baby
-Reduce back pain and good for people having problem with SLIP DISC

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