October 09, 2014

To all my dear friends and family,
it is time for us to wake up and realize now.

This is one of the mistake that I also made and let's CHANGE!
We are better than this.

It's not totally wrong for us to be active in social media, but we need to set our limit!
This is our lives, so start taking control dan not being controlled by our facebook, instagram, twitter and so on..

Instead of posting on my Shanghai photos,
I decided to share this video first.


It touched me somehow, banyak yang betul apa dikatakan and I don't want to be the same me ever again. 
Kalau dulu kita boleh enjoy duduk makan beramai-ramai, tanpa tengok phone. Let's do that again! 
Appreciate masa yang kita masih ada bersama orang yang di hadapan kita dulu.

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