Korea Holiday Break!

September 16, 2013

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysian! 

Today, totally excited, i will be going for a short holiday in Seoul, KOREA together with GLAM family. 

I'm sure for all first timers yang qualified their first FOC TRIP- KOREA bersama GLAM akan lebih teruja! ;)
Itu apa yang Naa rasa masa first time ke Hong Kong back in 2011. Tidur pun tak lelap mata, and itu trip pertama for me yang pergi agak jauh. 

Feel free to follow my live updates from Seoul on instagram by following @naakamaruddin and #glamjourneys !

To all my beloved readers, I won't be around until this coming Saturday ;) 
However you can always contact me through whatsapp/sms at +6012-2844960 or email me at naakamaruddin@gmail.com 

At the same time, for business or product  enquiry..please contact my direct proteges here, they will be glad to entertain everyone: 

            Cik Lin: +60 12 628 9114

         Lily Marliza : +60 12 232 5176

  Akhma Hanim, Penang : 017 462 1449

    Ayu Che Othman : +60 12 715 4552

       Atiqah Wahat: +60 16 230 5403

            Dhirah : +60 12 387 5486

Razni Amie, Sarawak : +60 19 387 0888

By saturday, I will be back in Malaysia InshaAllah. 
Siapa nak special souvenirs from Seoul, korea nanti jangan segan-segan bertanya. Fridge magnets memang confirm ada bagi siapa yang mengumpul :) I'll see you later occay ~

And let's...
Be part of GLAM, Be part of Beautiful Circles, Be my next protege NOW! 

Let's go to GOLD COAST, Australia for FREE  pula after this!

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