September 23, 2013

This is our very first #glamjourneys T-shirt.. 
and it was designed especially for this trip to Seoul, Korea!
Everyone was wearing it with Green Pants :)

At the KLIA Airport, before departure time,
there's no group picture from me, too bad.
I was 15 minutes late due to bad service from Airport Limo.
Boleh pula driver lupa pick up passengers kan??!! 
All the way to the airport from home, tahap marah sudah melebihi paras maksimum rasanya ;P
But what to do, nasib baik selamat sampai juga di KLIA.

After 6 hours journey from KLIA to INCHEON AIRPORT,
we were safely landed in Korea!

Done picking up our luggages, 
masa untuk gosok gigi, cuci muka, dan tukar apa patut ;P
"FRESHEN UP time before we continue our Day 1 journey in Seoul"

..and we're now ready!

Bila dah ramai-ramai, ada jer lawaknya..

I'm so glad to be with my Beautiful Circles team here,

walaupun 23 weeks pregnant, I can still do the JUMP!!
Hip Hip Horeyyy~

Special thanks to my cinta hati, Ashraf Naserudin here too!
Walaupun kaki masih sakit due to injury, and jalan terhincut hincut..
he won't let me travel alone to Korea.


From the airport, we went to Itaewon for our first meal in Seoul. We had our brunch at USMANIA.

Sepanjang jalan di Itaewon, memang penuh dengan HALAL restaurants. So you don't have to worry about getting HALAL food here.

Siapa pernah tengok "Istanbul Aku Datang"?
Dekat Seoul pun, ada turkish ice cream occay!
I call it "so hard to get" ice cream :P

full of tricks penjual ice-cream ni, but it was FUN watching him playing around with the customers.
Later, I will share the videos ok!

Here, posing di tepi jalan..together with my 2 direct proteges in business..Munirah Zaki, PTD from Putrajaya,KL and Anith Ayuni, ex-engineer from Miri, Sarawak.
Both of them pertama kali qualify untuk FOC Trip and they had so much fun traveling with the team.
Next FOC Trip to Gold Coast, CONFIRM nak pergi lagi!

Below is our C3 Bus!
sepanjang 4 hari di Seoul, inilah pengangkutan kami bersama Tour Leader Ms Priscilla and Local Tour Guide, Ms Lucy.

Perut sudah kenyang, what's NEXT?

and our first stop was DongDaemon, DOOTA!

Gambar shopping of course not available. Too busy with shopping bags already, so no pictures taken! hehe..

Around 3pm, local time..we checked in to our 5 star hotel!
"Best Western Premier KUKDO Hotel"

The room was comfy and spacious.
The toilet bowl so "canggih" with advance technology!
*no picture here..

In 2 hours, sempat short nap, mandi dan bersiap for our GRAND GALA DINNER at Best Western Seoul Garden Hotel Ballroom.

All dressed up in BLACK and RED , Hari Raya Theme!

The GLAM councils, MEN!

For that night, Kpop shows sajian tontonan kami semua.
Barulah feeling duduk Korea kan?

* gambar sopan sahaja my hubby ambil. 
the rest you can watch in Video later ;P

The Beautiful Faces of my Beautiful Circles Team..

Some of us didn't know each other so well, we came from different backgrounds and here we are as ONE TEAM, ONE BIG FAMILY!
" Inilah jodoh kami dipertemukan di dalam business "
We are sharing the same goals and dreams.

Last event for the night, was LUCKY DRAW!
To get the prizes, all the lucky winners had to dance GANGNAM first..
Our General Manager Mr Teoh was having fun too with us.

Here goes one of the winner, Irwan Boniran! He was feeling so lucky that night and memang betul nama dipanggil.

Before heading back to HOTEL,
another group photos..

*altogether there were 5 buses, fully loaded with GLAMPRENEURS, 1 FLIGHT!
Official picture of GLAM family will update later occay *

This is our C3 BUS in Gwiyomi Style ;)

All of us having so much fun at Gala Dinner.
Good food, good entertainment with good friends.

Then..back to our Hotel sweet Hotel!

It's time to get some rest, after a long journey from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul, 24 hours non stop.

*tired face of me*

..End of Day 1 in Seoul..

Stay tune for Day 2 updates on our #glamjourneys!

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  1. I truly enjoyed this trip! Thank you GLAm and K.Naa for all the endless support and guidance! Looking forward for our next trip!


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