Korea and GOLD COAST Excitement!

September 10, 2013

1 week from now, we're going to Korea! 

1 flight full of GLAMPRENEURS will be going there this time. Do check out our live updates from there on instagram later. You can check out #glamjourneys to follow our fun FREE TRIPS :)

Belum sempat sampai ke Korea pun lagi, 
we are now feeling over excited for our NEXT COMING TRIP to GOLD COAST, Australia! 
Just watch this awesome video here:

Dengan tengok video ni pun, 
it feels like a race, adrenaline rush kan? 
Of course, when it is FREE, fully sponsored holiday lagilah bertambah excitement. 

and the good news is, 
It is still open for everyone to grab this chance and join this coming trip too! 

Antara tempat-tempat yang tak sabar sangat Naa nak pergi..

As for me, this is my first trip to Australia. I have never been there before. So here's another new country for me sepanjang 2 tahun lebih dalam business. 

InshaAllah, ada kesempatan I will share my journey so far in 7 different countries in 2 years time as GLAMpreneur, together with Hubby and my beloved Beautiful Circles Team!
* Let's hope my beloved hubby berbaik hati untuk compile some of the pictures and videos from our trips asap! ;) 


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