Je t'aime Paris..

April 15, 2013

Let's fall in love...

Now, I had my best memories in Paris too!

First of all, the River Seine Cruise..

 with all the Queens of GLAM!

with my girls!

with my best mentors, hanis and raz!

While on cruise...everyone was so excited.
The weather was really nice too.

For me and hubby, this was our 3rd time on cruise,
1st was in amsterdam, and 2nd was in Guangzhou in 2012.

This time around, I could bring more friends together..

the macho men in business!

Ambil feel berjemur..panas terik matahari ;P

Super Fun Team, GLAMpreneurs!

Hanis Haizi, Naa Kamaruddin and Eiffel Tower!

me, hubby and Eiffel Tower.. :)

From Geleries Lafayette, we walked to Hard Rock cafe, had lunch together..then to CHANEL Rue Cambon!

Walking side by side..

We're at CHANEL, 31 Rue Cambon!

 Bought our CHANEL together.

Then, we moved on to Galeries Lafayette..

the famous Laduree Macarons

the Moulin Rouge!

Arc De Triomphe!

Eiffel Tower!!!

Let's JUMP!

All couples posing macam-macam gaya..
layankan jer la kan, bukan senang nak sampai Eiffel Tower ;)

Ikutkan puas, memang tak puas dekat Eiffel tower. Nak duduk lama-lama lagi kalau boleh.
We really had fun together.

the view from Galeries Lafayette Rooftop..

these are all my unforgettable memories of Paris.
Sad to leave, but it's time to go home...

with our best travel guide, Mr Darren.
Thank you so much to all B2 bus members, for your cooperation with us.
This was the 2nd time for me chosen as Bus Leader.
Thank you for your trust, Hanis and Raz :)

Au Revoir Paris...


Enjoy our video here,
GLAM | Beautiful Circles in Paris 2013!

Loves, NaaKamaruddin

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