April 10, 2013

3 days in LONDON will never be enough!

But so far, this is the BEST trip ever and couldn't ask for more as it was already fully sponsored; 
from flight tickets, hotel, meals, and city tour. 
Most importantly, we enjoyed every single moments together!

Our first STOP, The LONDON EYE..

We got the tickets! 
How much? Me also don't know. 
Why? Every time travel pun memang macam ni, all tickets already sponsored. We all hanya masuk and ikut tour guide. Sama macam pengalaman Naa masuk Hong Kong Disneyland last 2 years, for my first FOC Trip.

Happy moments with friends inside London Eye Capsule!
*super fun and happening

with my Beautiful Circles Team!

with hubby, Ashraf Naserudin

Before leaving, we had a photo session with all GLAMpreneurs..

Then, we moved on to Next Stop,

Buckingham Palace..

This place was super pack with a lot of visitors. If you wish to take a nice photo with the view and without anyone else crossing behind you, just forget it ;P 
Terpaksa terima sahaja muka2 lain menyelit dalam gambar anda! hehe..

We also came across..
Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Parliament 

The GLAMpreneurs doing our 'thing'!
We made a special video clip over here, singing "London Bridge is falling down, falling down.. "
Nasib baik we all ni tourists, so we don't really care what people think. Some of them stopped right in front of us and capture our picture and video too.

me and Hanis, photo taken by our paparazzi ;P

the only picture of me with the telephone booth, in London!

Last stop for Day 1 Tour was,
London Bridge Tower..

the weather was super cold and windy. Semua cari hot chocolate, nak panaskan badan. 

At night, we dropped by at Hard Rock Cafe!

*In the middle of the night, kebab hunting with Aienn, Shazwan and hubby. 

On Day 2, our first stop was 
Royal Albert Hall.

doing the 'Harlem Shake' moves..

* those who came without husband memang jealous? heee...

gedik pose from ladies..

and our photographers!

The queens and kings of GLAM!~ ;)


We had a moment at Kensington Park too..

This is why we chose GLAM! The special 'bond'.
We always have each other through thick and thin.

Love of my Life..

i love you bee..

London was a great place to shop too!
You cannot miss Oxford Street, Selfridges, and Harrods.

..and of course, Bicester Village Shopping Outlet.

Shopping punya pasal, memang siap bawa luggage bag. Senang nak tarik kan?

Most of us shopping tak ingat dunia dah and lupa nak makan.
But, knowing hubby..wajib makan!

We had seafood at Carluccio's Cafe, Sedap sangat :)

by the time we finished our meal,
outside was snowing.

Snow makin banyak, and super cold~ grrrrr...

On our way back to Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, tangan masing2 penuh dengan barang shopping.
Later at night, we went out to Harrods again and bought some souvenirs, top up apa yang patut.

We really had a great time in London.
3 days will never be enough!
But, this will give another reason for us to come again.

Kata orang kena tinggalkan rasa tak puas sedikit, untuk kita datang lagi sekali.

*Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. For more, you can view the full album on my Facebook.
Loves, Naa Kamaruddin

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