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April 23, 2013

Sometimes, I wonder..
what so special about what i do now?
Do I really enjoy myself doing it?
or is it just about 'Buat apa yang PERLU, bukan buat apa yang SUKA' ?

Back to where I started..

I started as an agent/product distributor.
From a businesswoman..
then i became a leader, a coach, a motivator.
I am now an entrepreneur, I consult people who wants to do business, I encourage them to pursue their dreams, 
and guide them to achieve a lot more in their lives!
I am building human capital.

In 2011, 

'Naa Kamaruddin was just a desperate housewife, who wants more in her life!'

From a Sales&Technical Engineer, I became a housewife for almost 2 years. Then, I've been given 2 choices..to started working as an engineer again or to start with something NEW. Without hesitation, I decided to do this business.

Keputusan adalah atas desakan keadaan kewangan ketika itu. Minat untuk buat business tak pernah ada, malah bercakap pun tak yakin, basic knowledge zero! Lebih teruk lagi, I was anti social for almost 2 years sepanjang berada di rumah sebagai housewife. I lost my confidence and in fact at the early stage, I hardly speak with anyone who sits besides me. I can just talk to Hanis, my mentor at that time.
Memang Naa tak berapa suka ambil tahu hal orang lain pun, I just focus on what I need to do and I just want to learn.


from the first step I took 2 years ago..I have achieved a lot more and I totally changed myself. I can see myself growing from time to time. Alhamdulillah. 

Along the way, 

I met a lot of people, coming from different backgrounds. I can see the world differently. 

Bagi yang rasa susah, kita belum jumpa ada ramai lagi yang jauh lebih susah, tetapi mereka cuba berkali ganda untuk keluarkan diri mereka dari kepompong hidup yang jauh lebih tertekan. I see tears coming down from their eyes, how they really want to change their life. Hati siapa tidak tersentuh kan? And that made me realized, how I want to give my best to guide them. May Allah give me the strength too.

Bagi yang rasa sudah senang dan selesa pula, kadang-kadang kita tidak menghargai peluang, malah memperlekehkannya. Kita cepat rasa selesa dengan apa yang ada. 
Sedangkan, kita patut bertanya pada diri sendiri, adakah sudah cukup untuk kita sahaja merasai keselesaan hidup?
Adakah kita mampu membantu orang lain dengan memberi peluang untuk baiki dan ubah kehidupan mereka? 

After all, 

this business, this industry.. has taught me a lot!
I know what I really want now.
This is the best platform for me to do more and to achieve more. The reward and self-satisfaction are priceless!

All I need..is to be even stronger than before, 
especially for those who needs me..my family, my friends and partners.
I will do my best InshaaAllah, I believe this is the right path for me and my family.

To everyone out there..
Let's do our best in whatever we do. Bila kita ikhlas dalam apa jua pekerjaan sekalipun, InshaaAllah ada ganjarannya.

If you think, you want to do more and be part of what I do now..I'll be glad to welcome you ;)

Naa Kamaruddin.

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