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February 09, 2013

Another great start for 2013!

All GLAMpreneurs already attended our 1st GLOW session in January by groups. 
This is how we train, coach and develop our new entrepreneurs at Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM).
Besides weekly classes at our own academy,
all CDM's will handle separate GLOW sessions for each team on monthly basis.

What is G.L.O.W. ?
Green Leaders Orientation Workshop.

Coming Soon..
Special Advance Class for all Leaders a.k.a Diamonds!

* This is to develop leadership skills, and to train our leaders at GLAM. We are going to guide on how to 

Let's get back to our 1st GLOW session for my team here,


Siapa lagi semangat, confirm mulut pun besar..hehe

Usually, leaders yang paling semangat. All new comers, 
masih posing jer lagi, belum cukup laungan. 
NEXT TIME, make it LOUDER! ;)

Our 1st Session, dimulakan dengan Ice Breaking Session.
We're playing a game macam bola beracun, but using the "LOVE Balloon".
Besides getting to know each other more, it was a heart to heart session with my beloved partners too. We shared our backgrounds, how we started this business, why we chose it, and what are our hopes and dreams.

Chair person for that day was Yana Rosli, my direct protege and Top leader from North Malaysia.

Part of my beautiful partners who came from Pantai Timur, Utara, Selatan and even from Sarawak.

Perkongsian Kak Ja, from Kelantan.
She used to do this business with other team before, but when compared her progress with CikJuju, one of our top leader in Kelantan - she decided to rejoin with our team.
Alhamdulillah, she made the right choice and following CikJuju's guidance, she finally made it to the next level and progressing really well. Congratulations Kak Ja! 
"It is very important to be in the right group and choose the right mentor."

Ayu Che Othman, sharing how she started the business.
Bermula dari hanya berminat untuk pakai our top selling product, the Premium Beautiful Corset, tetapi mendapat permintaan daripada kawan-kawan untuk membeli produk daripada beliau.

From there, timbul minat Ayu untuk ketahui lebih lanjut tentang pelan pemasaran dan kebetulan Pakej Trip ke Guangzhou sedang berlangsung. Tanpa membuang masa, Ayu ambil peluang dan berjaya qualify Trip ke Guangzhou.
Congrats Ayu! :)

and this is Ayu's partner, Ieyla Enola.
They both are definitely going to Shanghai together for this coming trip.

And here's my partner, Aienn.
Memang orangnya macam ni dari dulu, sentiasa kecoh dengan gelak ketawa. Bermula business dahulu, she was pregnant and decided to resign her former job as an engineer. Walaupun belum merasai kehebatan produk sepanjang pregnancy, tetapi business boleh berjalan lancar dan produk habis terjual dalam masa 1 bulan.
Look at her now, already qualified 3 FOC Trips back to back and she's one of my top leader, calon CDM2013!

Ini namanya, sesi membuli mentor anda! Haha ;P
Me in action, dipaksa menari tetapi aksi macam bersilat pula.
(* dari dulu, my biggest fear is to dance in front of people )

So, end of our first session.
We continued with first topic "BLOGGING 101" by my hubby, Ashraf Naserudin.
Here, we teach you how to blog from setting up a blog to advanced functionalities.

We had a special guest, our dearest mentor and idol..
Thank you for your time and support. Your words of wisdom never fail to inspire us.

For the last slot, it was my turn and the topic was focusing on SHANGHAI! This is going to be our 1st Milestone for 2013.

The end..

Harapan Naa, 
semoga perkongsian sedikit sebanyak daripada our 1st GLOW session dapat memberi manfaat kepada semua rakan kongsi yang hadir.

Thank you to all partners who came..

*my top leader in Sarawak, Anith Ayuni. Jarak sememangnya bukan penghalang untuk berjaya. She was a former PETRONAS Engineer and now fulltime businesswoman.

*my partners from Cik Cida's Team, ramai dari zon Pantai Timur.

*partners from Marlinda Ramlee's team. Datang dari Zon Selatan.

Here we are as

This is our journey to improve ourselves, our families, and friends.

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