My Shopping buddies!

February 14, 2013

I used to shop with my girl friends before.
But after getting married, everyone's too busy with our own families and career paths.

I am more than happy to have my best shopping buddies here, the most handsome gentlemen..

Hubby and Son!

Why I love to shop with them? 

- Much easier for me to buy anything for them. Boleh cuba sizes terus and tengok kesesuaian.

*look at my son over here, dah pandai pilih sendiri

- To avoid picking up something they don't need or don't like.

- They both help me to choose what's the best for me.
My hubby adalah pengkritik terhebat. So, anything that I want to buy mesti dapat his approval dulu. And I trust his sense of taste juga.  :)

* I picked this blue BURBERRY shirt for HIM, and he picked this yellow blouse for me

- They are my living 'stop watch' too! 
Bila Danial dah terlalu penat, hubby got cranky, then I know it is time for me to stop and go home.
SAVE more time and money.

- They both can be my best 'helpers' too.
My hubby boleh bawa heavy items and Danial's Stroller is very useful for us to carry all the shopping bags ;P

So, now you know why I love to shop with both of them.
Another way is to spend more time as one happy family.

"You know how much I LOVE YOU BOTH sweethearts"

After coming back from Shopping,
another thing that we love to do is taking pictures what we just bought..

If you buy something you love, you can even sleep with the new items you bought. 
Siapa kat sini dulu2 masa kecil, bila dapat kasut baru, baju raya, asik cuba dan cuba depan cermin. Some of my younger cousins dulu siap boleh tidur dengan baju baru. 
CRAZY? No, this is what we call excitement! ;P

So, here's some of the photos taken that I love, from the past few months.

* for our coming trip to London And Paris.

* my first pair of leather boots, hope I can get another pair in London later..

* too hard to resist..I bought the burberry umbrella too! 
Gedik sekali sekala, apa salahnya kan?

* some of my favorite tops..

* Hubby's Lacoste Collection..

* Something for Danial..

and here's the ukulele.. 
He loves music and we're planning to send him for a guitar lesson later. 

* Here's the new guitar for daddy..Ashraf Naserudin.
Danial tumpand posing, hehe.

* New mini ipad for me!
We bought it online so that I can engrave my name on it.
So much lighter and easy to carry inside my handbag everywhere I go.

* New Business file for me from Emilio PUCCI. Love it so much!

That's it for now,
Can't wait to SHOP more in London & Paris in 3 weeks from now! This time, I have more shopping buddies too. Siapa lagi kalau bukan all my beloved partners and friends..

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  1. Oh my ur boots is to die for! Cantik sgt suits u very well ;)

    1. Thank you dear! ikutkan mmg comfortable sebab leather sangat lembut. cuma takut tak tahan bila jalan banyak jer la nanti ;P hehe.


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