TKC Bukit Merbah

January 14, 2013

Starting from 2013, TKC was relocated at Bandar Enstek, Nilai.

TUNKU KURSHIAH COLLEGE is no longer at Bukit Merbah, Jalan Tunku Kurshiah Seremban.

It has been few years since all of us have been informed about the new location,
For most of us, the old girls were not happy with the news.

Simply because, Bukit Merbah was the place where we learnt, grew and cherished the undying friendship for 5 years. Di situ tempat kami makan, tidur, belajar, main, and did a lot of stuffs together.

Bila lokasi berpindah, maka tinggallah kenangan kami di bukit merbah, and we can never go back there to visit our beloved school.

Yes, everyone was so emotional over this ;(
After watching Majalah 3 last saturday, all of us were so touched. On Facebook status, everyone was talking about it and shared our memories back then.

So here goes, special tribute to my beloved school, a very special post from me to say that I am so glad and thankful to be part of TKC!

Let us go down the memory lane ...

Once a TKCIAN , always a TKCIAN !

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