Tiar Zainal at GLAM

January 08, 2013

Besides learning from A to Z about entrepreneurship, here at Green Leaders Academy Malaysia..
we also have other activities which includes, family, charity, and fashion.
This time around, we organized a special Grooming Class, part of Green Leaders Activity Day (G.L.A.D) !

Our special guest was Tiar Zainal!
He's one of the top Make Up Artist in Malaysia now. Siapa tak kenal kan? 

TZ with Rita Rudaini..you just made her even prettier, sangat cantik.

our special model for that day,
Hanis Haizi :)

Tiar banyak ajar tentang pemilihan jenama make up, skin care products, make up brushes, and basic tips on how to apply our daily make up. He made it look so simple and do-able for all of us.

Here are the basic tools you need for a start
*one more is foundation brush

Here's the outcome..
a very nice touch for night make up!

After the class,
group photo is a must..

Ilmu yang berguna kena cepat praktis. So, first thing first, me myself need to add some more make up tools. I went to MAC store, sephora and chanel at klcc to shop.

I need to find the right foundation for my oily skin,
so MAC offered me the Studio Fix. I got all my brushes from
 MAC too and few other things. For shading, we chose MakeUpForEver and Loose Powder from CHANEL.

Again, I'm so lucky to have Hanis as my personal assistant to choose all of these..Thank you dear! 

 I'm so excited to try them on.
Here's my first try..I must say, this is not perfect yet. I need to practise more on blending, and how to do the shading for my big nose down here ;P

*most of the photos were taken using my iphone, so the quality of the images were not so good. Sorry girls.

Later on, bila dah terror make up nanti,
I'll do special make up tutorial on youtube occay!

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  1. tak biasa pun dah nampak ok ni naa...dah terer nanti boleh buat tutorial plak kat beautiful circle kan :)

    1. hehe, thank you dear! Can't wait for next class pula. More to hands on tutorial with tiar zainal ;)


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