SM/SSM Award January'13

January 21, 2013

First Company Event for 2013,
the Sales Manager / Senior Sales Manager Award!

who received their first recognition award in this business.
This is just a beginning and definitely more to come~

Bermula dari kejayaan pertama inilah yang akan bawa kita kepada kejayaan yang lebih besar, pencapaian yang lebih tinggi dan semestinya kepuasan yang lebih bermakna.

What I like about this business and our team at GLAM, kejayaan kita sentiasa diraikan oleh pemimpin kita. Itulah yang akan kita semua lalui dari awal, sentiasa diraikan dan meraikan. Sentiasa dihargai dan menghargai sesama kumpulan.

These are the faces of my beautiful partners and friends from the event..

They came from all over Malaysia..
and re-united here.

They came from different backgrounds..
but share ONE GOAL!

Sisterhood make them stronger and they have each other through thick and thin..
Soon to be the Millionaire Sisters, InshaAllah.

we always have some new faces in our team, 
to make us even stronger and bigger than before

Every steps are guided,
mentors will always be right beside us through ups and downs..

From a stranger, she became my mentor, coach, friend and 'mommy' in business.
Siapa lagi kalau bukan, HANIS HAIZI !

Here on the same stage, at Dewan Wawasan, PGRM..
I received my first award as Senior Sales Manager back in July 2011.
Yesterday, I was up on the stage again together with the rest of Crown Diamond Managers for the opening ceremony.

the award giving ceremony began started from 
Senior Sales Managers to Sales Managers.

Through out the ceremony,
all of the GREEN leaders were waiting for their partners to come down from the stage, to congratulate them one by one.

To all beloved Partners and friends, 
just keep on moving and we're going to fly high TOGETHER as ONE TEAM! From this 1st Achievement, aim higher and let's do our best!


Best part of being with GLAM,
we always have each other and we're going to stick as ONE TEAM to achieve MORE.

Thank you so much to our GM, Mr Teoh for your endless support and guidance to our team,

Let's be part of GLAM and become one of GLAMpreneurs.
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Naa Kamaruddin

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