..our very first GLAM Dinner!

December 27, 2012

We had a special GLAM Dinner at Westin Hotel, KL.

It was a perfect ending to such a beautiful day,

Thank you so much to our GLAM Founder,
for organizing such a wonderful event to celebrate all new CDMs under 

these are all the crowns 
for new Crown Diamond Managers..

Now I am one of the crowns!
hehe ;)

Thank you so much 
to all partners who came to celebrate again that night.. I LOVE YOU GIRLS a lot!

Look at the special decorations here,
with black and gold theme..

Hafiz Atan in action..
ada bakat menyanyi juga selain mengambil gambar.
Awesome Hafiz!

As a surprise, we had a special performance from all CDMs.

Besides performances,
we had lucky draws too and 3 of my partners won!
Congratulations to Nadhyra Sidek,
Najiha Sulaiman and Irda Idris.

Last but not least,
camwhoring session with everybody!

All CDM with partners..

all MOMpreneurs..
with solid 5-6 figures monthly income!

me and mentor..
both of us wearing Radzuan Radziwill's Dresses.
Hanis's was inspired by Dior and mine was inspired by Elie Saab. 

With my favourite girls and these 3 are my direct proteges..

Bakal CDM Mursyida

Bakal DDM Aienn

Bakal DDM Marlinda

with the rest of my team..


Bila diminta bergaya, semua pun ada bakat.
Thank you darlings ;)

Looking forward for another round of GLAM Dinner in 2013.
Wanna be part of next celebration and glamorous dinner,
JOIN us now at Green Leaders Academy Malaysia!
012 - 284 4960

Much LOVE from me,
Naa Kamaruddin.

*Special credits to Ashraf Naserudin for the pictures taken.
*Special credits to HANISHAIZI.com too :)

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