GLAM on Bella and Safiyya

December 18, 2012

Faces of GLAMpreneurs was on TV for 2 weeks in a row!

First appearance was on Bella, NTV7
for Hai-O's 20th Anniversary..

spotted..hubby, Ashraf Naserudin and me at second row! 

Me and other GLAM's CDM..

Being the glamorous GLAM,
the media will definitely catch our founder of GLG..
Hanis Haizi in Datuk Radzuan Radziwill's stunning dress!

You can watch her full interview with Bella at tonton,
episode 243.
From a plain housewife,
now she's earning 6 figures monthly income as the Premium Beautiful Top Agent!

Another member of GLG was interviewed too,
CDM Maisarah Ibrahim.

From a former engineer, now she's doing the business full time. All we want as a young mom nowadays, financial and time freedom!

These two ladies inspired me right from the moment i started this business until now.
All 3 of us, coming from Engineering background
and we chose this career over working at sites.
ALHAMDULILLAH, now we have more time to spend with our kids as we have flexible working hours and still earning solid 5/6 figures monthly income.

After the event,
our dearest mentor Hanis Haizi had another special interview with another show, Safiyya on TV9.
*you can watch this at tonton too, episode 50

She was featured on the show as the Handbags and Shoes Collector!
Just look at all the designers' collection over here:

Just name it darling,
PRADA, YSL, DIOR, LV, CHANEL and the list goes on and on..

She really deserve these after all the hard work.

"hanis lebih suka menempa kejayaan dengan hasil usaha, titik peluh sendiri dan bukannya bergantung pada kesenangan keluarga"

just look at her now, at the age of 28!
Living the life we always dream of.

She has a beautiful life with family

beautiful partners like all of us here


spotted again, me in the picture during our trip to Amsterdam!

A good start for me, tumpang gambar mentor dulu.
Soon, it's going to be my turn.. In shaa Allah

CONGRATS again to my dearest HANIS HAIZI
and to all GLG members.
I am so proud to be part of this awesome team and family.
GLAM is the best!

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