CDM Awards 2012 Highlight!

December 14, 2012

Previously, on ..
I shared some photos during my preparation for the biggest event of the year.

Now it is time for another HIGHLIGHT
20th Anniversary * CDM Awards 2012!



pictures with lovely partners
who came to celebrate with us..thank you guys for coming

with the other 'crowns' of GLAM!
All looking gorgeous in designers'

Then, the event started with VVIP's arrival, 
followed by all Crown Diamond Managers walking on the red carpet to the stage.

We were singing..
"Negaraku and Hai-O Perjuanganku"
About 10,000 people attended the 20th Anniversary Celebration this year. I am so proud to be part of this.

Bacaan Doa dibaca bagi memberkati majlis,
dan semoga kejayaan dan kegemilangan syarikat bersama usahawan-usahawan terus kekal dan lebih maju untuk tahun-tahun seterusnya..Amin.

watching the special video on 20 years legacy of Hai-O.
A very stable and well-established company,
with great product range and with the group of dynamic leaders. 

Now, new generation like us at
Green Leaders Academy Malaysia, we brought in the new way of doing it with Social Media Marketing.

We put some 'colors' and much 'fun' 
into the business so that we can enjoy working while generating 5-6 figures MONTHLY income!

Choose to be with us now,
and we'll show you the way :)

me+hubby with our mentors, friends, the founders of GLAM:


In just 1 year time,
here's part of my Beautiful Circles Team under GLAM

 look at us with rest of the team under GLAM.
We are the 

The online social entrepreneurs..

Back to the main event inside the stadium,
there were a few live performances, including 
Shila Amzah and Dayang Nurfaizah.

Soon after the performance by Dayang,
it was my turn to be up on the stage for the most prestigious award,
for achieving the highest rank in this business as 
Crown Diamond Manager.

Alhamdulillah, here I am after 1 year.

Thank you to my life partner,
my no. 1 Supporter, Mr Ashraf Naserudin.
Next year will be your turn to receive the award ;)

This is just another beginning for me,
and InshaaAllah there will be more to come!

1 year from now, 
my proteges will be up on stage to receive the same award as CDM 2013!
ALL THE BEST partners, and we're going to do this together.

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