My 1st CHANEL!

August 12, 2012

Yup, it's almost everyone's dream to have a CHANEL
Are you one of them?

Me.. Of course!!
The ultimate dream, to have my very own CHANEL handbag and to collect several colors, just like my mentor, hanis.

To those who already knew Hanis Haizi
she's like a trend setter in our premium beautiful business! Everyone wants to be like her! So inspiring, pretty, sophisticated and she loves to be different. 

Knowing that she's a successful entrepreneur, 
everyone wants to be like HER, HER, HER! 
So of course nak berjaya, folow every steps..

My very 1st CHANEL 
that i want to share here is not my dream handbag yet! ;)
bermula dari kecik2.. InsyaAllah yang besar plak bakal dapat!

So here's my first collection of CHANEL brooch! 

Heart this brooch so much
 and this is the last piece that i got from 
CHANEL Boutique at KLCC.
Almost the same like Hanis's but only smaller version to suit me ;)

they have lots and lots of designs and the prices may vary according to each uniqueness and material!
(starting from RM700/800 up to RM4000/5000 per piece)

These are some of their collection;

Cantik2 kan?
and you can simply wear it on your scarves or jacket

This is going to be my new target, 
to have my own CHANEL brooch collection

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  1. Yay! Cantik sgt Naa..ok one day I pun nak ada Chanel brooch collection ;D

  2. I love the last one. simple and elegant! i want it sooo bad! InsyaAllah one fine day :)


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