Hanis Haizi in Hijabista!

August 15, 2012

Siapa tak kenal..our CDM Celebrity ;)
as one of her apprentice, i'm always proud of her.
How she carries herself, how she dressed up, her confidence,
..her LEADERSHIP as our founder of GLG and GLAM!

why CDM celebrity?

She's a famous blogger who started using social media marketing 
to sell our top selling corset.. Premium Beautiful.
She has become a successful entrepreneur,
and always on the *TOP!

Featuring Hanis Haizi and friends in HIJABISTA:

Hanis was already in few other magazines and newspaper too!

in NONA..
the story is all about her first FOC trip to TOKYO!

in NUR magazine..
special appearance on Mother's Day!

Berita Harian!
This is the article yang banyak membuka mata ramai orang

"Jual corset mampu penuhi impian.."


Click HERE to read full article!

We have the best mentor here at Green Leaders Academy Malaysia!
She's the Premium Beautiful *Top Agent who generates 6 figures income, monthly.
She's a MOTHER of two kids.
She's a trend setter as she loveeee designer's items so much!
She's fun with friends, yet 'tegas' with partners
Here I am today as Naa Kamaruddin, because of her touch.

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