Happy 28th Birthday to NaaKamaruddin!

August 03, 2012

August 2nd,
it's my birthday!!!~

for some people, they prefer not to reveal the real age,
for me..there's nothing to hide.

I am proud of myself and for what i have become and achieved so far!

Feel blessed too,
being surrounded with beloved family..
especially my hubby and son!

I still have my friends who keep on supporting me,
my business partners who keep on counting on me,
and sticking with our awesome Team!
Not to forget, i have mentors who keep on guiding me..

Here's some of the thoughtful wishes they made for me,
from my Facebook wall:

Thank you everyone for the warm wishes, prayers..
Sorry, if Naa tak dapat reply all msgs.

On 3rd August, a day after..
It was my turn together with Beautiful Circles Team,
bertugas di GLAM, our academy!

Me and hubby, Ashraf Naserudin as speakers,
DDM Mursyida as the MC.
And tak lengkap majlis ilmu, without kata2 semangat from
our GLG Founder, Hanis Haizi

Right after class,
there was a birthday surprise for me..
from my beautiful partners.

LOVE YOU all !!!~ 

The Cake!
credit to Syera Begam for buying the cake..

The  special home-made Choc with 'Naa Kamaruddin' on it! 
credit to Nadhyra Sidek for making these for me ;)


Naa Kamaruddin

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