Cruising at Pearl River, Guangzhou!

August 01, 2012

On Day 3 in Guangzhou city,
we went out for shopping again
we ended our beautiful night on a cruise at Pearl River!

It was a wonderful experience,
together with all beautiful partners and GLG!

Early in the morning at the Lobby..
we're all dressed up in Yellow!

ceria kan nampak color? ;)

Naa Kamaruddin's Team on Bus K!

semua buka muka 'Danial' !

At Fabric market,

It is time for us to try out the local food,
gerai tepi jalan for Muslim.
The food was deliciousss!!~ puas hati sangat makan

Siap 'tapau' bawak balik makan kat hotel..

In the evening, we're ready to experience the river cruise
beramai ramai.
We had so much fun together and the city view was fascinating!

We were served with Chinese tea and peanuts!

The view from inside..

views from outside..

Group picture..Beautiful Circles with our dearly mentor,

Mr and Mrs!

..with Bakal DDM Yana Rosli 
and her partner, Miza Hamdan (My team from North)

..with Bakal DDM Marlinda
and her partner, Eida Mustafa @ Acik!

Bila dah malam,
lampu dah semua menyala,
the view was getting more interesting!

With Rina Hasliza,
a very sweet and thoughtful friend..

Another group pictures..

started with all couples!

and the singles (but not available okei!)

Me and Hubby again!

Last picture on ferry..

Back to our hotel, 

End of Day 3...

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