Iftar 2012

August 18, 2012

Ramadhan has come to an end..
and now everyone's busy with Raya Preparation..
nak kemas rumah, ada yang baru nak buat biskut raya, last minute shopping, and perjalanan balik kampung ;)

Wherever we are, I'm sure all of us dah tak sabar nak sambut RAYA!

Sambil kemas2, masak2, maybe ada yang ramai sempat jengok Facebook and Blog lagi kan.. heehee..

So, here's another post for u to read from me..

IFTAR 2012 with Naa, friends, partners, company, and orphans:

IFTAR with the company and orphans at SUMMIT HOTEL, PJ.

ALL CDM's from Green Leaders Group 
with 'pasangan mentor' kami

Naa Kamaruddin, Sha Khalid, Hanis Haizi, Azlan Deraman, Siti Rohana, Maisarah Ibrahim, Salha Zain, Nurfaziha

Ashraf Naserudin, Razali Zain, Azlan Deraman, Alfaath, Syukran Helmi

Majlis dibuka dengan 1st session: 
Tazkirah by Ustaz Halim Din

Almost, waktu berbuka..semua beratur ambil food

Everyone's FAVOURITE.. grilled lamb!

Naa and Hanis..menunggu meja kami yang penuh! 

Mr and Mrs Ashraf! 

After berbuka,
entertained by the orphans.. with their performance

our group picture, B32!

IFTAR with business partners..

DDM Mursyida's Team

We had our iftar together at Kelantan Delight, Subang.

Dah nama pon 'Kelantan Delight', 
so choices of food pon selera pantai timur..
nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, ayam percik,
and macam2 kuih2 traditional kelantan yang manis2 ada

with my *Next CDM in the making..
From schoolmate in primary school.. 
we became partners and friends

Pictures with partners yang sama2 datang untuk iftar bersama

IFTAR with business partners..

DSM Marlinda's Team

For Mar's group, we had our iftar together at

Penang Village, Great Eastern Mall, Ampang.

Those yang sampai awal..

muka serious mendengar 
isi hati partner kat sebelah.. 
hehe ;)

Last, Group Pictures..

With my *NEXT DDM in the making..
From strangers, we became partners and friends


*We had another IFTAR with all Green Leaders Council (GLC)
at JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur.

with all GLC!

the gentlemen

Check out this link below..to view more~

LAST, but not least..
IFTAR with my Beloved FAMILY at JW Marriott!
*i will update the post, after raya!


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  1. Acap: Bro, awesome la gambar2, its a pleasure to see it. You've grown so much as a photographer. That D5000 was worth every cent. I can see in the pictures, keep on snapping!


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