From Brussels with Love

April 30, 2012

This post is part of my story on our first Europe Trip to Holland and Belgium.

Me and HUbby .. Brussels City!

As we landed at Schiphol Airport, we had a few minutes to freshen up after 13 hours  flight, journey from 
Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam.
We had to put on our jackets, sweaters..
as the outside temperature was about 6-8 degree celcius.

1st picture with Mr Teoh, at the arrival hall, Schiphol Airport.
After freshened up, and we're ready with our jackets!
First 'taste' of cold air..early in the morning! berasap asap keluar bila cakap ;P
Mr hubby..sempat posing before naik bas.

From Amsterdam, we headed to Brussels by bus.
First pit stop, the RNR..

our short journey to Brussels..
with Aliah, having hot chocolates tengah sejuk2, is the best part! ;)
Let's continue our journey..

Finally arrived at the Atomium!
"Unmistakable symbol of Brussels and Belgium and unique feat in the history of architecture: the Atomium is today the most popular attraction in the Capital of Europe.
Built for the 1958 World Exhibition, the Atomium is shaped on the model of an elementary iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times.
Beyond surreal walks through tubes and spheres, the Atomium houses a permanent exhibition about its history as well temporary exhibitions for a broad public (sciences, design, society).
The upper sphere offers unique and spectacular views across the city skyline.
At night, 2970 lights offer a fairy dimension to the 102m high building."

Group Pictures of GREEN TEAM!!~


Moving forward together.. and together we're going to achieve MORE!

Beautiful girls with beautiful tulips! ~credit to Echenta for the picture ;)

Done with Atomium, we were so hungry already..
We had our lunch at Brussels city!

Bread with Onion Soup!

The chicken with rice and giant fries!
The dessert..the yummylicious ice cream!!~ sejuk2 pon sedap makan ice cream ;)

Then, we spent our quality time with shopping while taking pictures of beautiful city scenery~

Picking up some souvenirs!!~

Whenever you're in Belgium,
you cannot miss to try out the famous 
Belgian Chocolates especially GODIVA
Belgian Waffles!
Super duper Yummy occay~

Another waffle, second round..Sifu belanja plak yang ni ;)

Sharing is caring ..sharing the love!!~ ;P

with the one and only mentor, Hanis Haizi

Later in the evening, we checked in to THON HOTEL, Brussels City Center.

Night view of Brussels City from our room!

We had such a good time in Brussels,
and will definitely looking forward to visit the city again!

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