Shopping Day at Rosada Outlet and Dam Square,Amsterdam

May 02, 2012

After spending 1 day and 1 night in Brussels,
we headed back to AMSTERDAM!

As early as 7am, we had our breakfast at the hotel, 
packed our belongings and checked out!

While waiting for the bus..

Then, we're ready to shop at our first stop, 
Rosada Outlet!!


soon after that..semua bawak haluan masing2, serbu kedai2..

Hot chocolate + blueberry muffin!

Some of us..dengan hasil belian..

With our No.1 mentor at B32, CDM Siti Rohana!

Before taking off from Rosada outlet, we bought the best french fries ever with the best dipping sauce ever!
BUT.......sayang sekali tak sempat snap the pictures.
Dah macam orang kebulur jumpa tasty bites! ;P

Then, we headed straight to Amsterdam city..
for our lunch at Restoran Desa, an Indonesian restaurant.

After perut kenyang, while waiting for our bus..
photo session dulu~

habis mcm2 gaya, our bus finally arrived,
NEXT stop..

on our way..

 finally arrived at destination..

PICTURES with frens... ;)

Early dinner with hubs..Sharing our Chicken Shaorma!

Checked in to our room at Mercure Hotel, A/D Amstel.
phewww~ so tired.

it was still early in the evening..
we cannot miss to go out and enjoy the night view~

..the Hard Rock CAFE, Amsterdam.

Last activity..for the night,
enjoying seafood!!~

End of day..

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