Welcome to the family my young nephew!!

January 28, 2012

On 24th December 2011, my sister in law, 
Natasha Naserudin gave birth to a wonderful baby boy.
This is her fourth and Danial's youngest cousin.

Like the rest of his siblings and cousin, 
this cutey been delivered 
at Pantai Medical Center - Ampang.

It's a boy!! Congrats Along!! :)

Amazing... He held my finger for the very first time :)

Hello earthlings!! and yep.. I am CUTE!

From left: Mak Teh, Ayin, Najwa, Along Shasha and of course ME :)

Aziq with Abang Jajad and Tok Wan

Our small gifts to Aziq :)

Love you 
and can't wait to see you growing up,
playing with abang Danial,
bullying abang Jajad, kakak Najwa and kakak Airissa.

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