My Chinese New Year Holiday ;)

January 25, 2012

We just had a long weekends a.k.a  short holiday..
and most of us were enjoying short vacations with family.

As for me and hubby, we agreed to stay in KL..
Taknak bersesak sesak dengan orang ramai nak pergi holiday/balik avoid the heavy traffic!!

So, my mom decided to come and stay with us..
to spend more time with her one and only grandson, Danial ;)

So, the normal routine of mine continues...

Appointments as usual..meeting up with clients and potential business partners~

 Getting ready..for appointment on Saturday
( i love my new scarf by Arzu ;) )

Brunch at Kopitiam, after meeting up with client..

Then, heading to KLCC..
bought some gifts for birthday present, new baby, and also for Danial !

Special gift for Danial..little dragon (picked by daddy!)
Thomas musical book!
And also new play mat-BUSY CITY!

We also went to Qalesya's 1st Birthday Party.
Qalesya is Marlinda's beautiful daughter,  who just turned 1!
Happy birthday~

On the way back, Daddy had a few beautiful shots from his lense..

The next day, we went to Rawang..visiting my aunt's house.

Had a small get together with family,makan2 and baru berkesempatan nak jenguk new niece yang sgt bambam!!!~ super comell macam anak orang korean ;P

Raja Nur Irdina Bilqis yang sedang nyenyak tidorr  ;)

On Monday, moving on to next appointment with hubby..
also went to One Utama.

Had our lunch at T.G.I. Friday's~

My beloved hubBEE with his ' Best Ribs Ever' was yummy!~

Me, with my meal..'Outrageous Sliced BBQ Beef Tacos'..

Last but not least, before heading back home..
'shoes hunting' for hubby!

New  Clarks and Nike shoes for him!

He kept complaining, his old sport shoes dah rosak, so tak boleh nak exercise. Now, dah ada new sport shoes..
make sure rajin2 exercise yer bee ;P

On last day of long weekends..
bangun pagi, fried bihun was prepared by umi..
owh~ bestnya if everyday umi ada ;P

My appointment with business partner was postponed later at night, so we decided to take umi and my cousin to klcc.
While getting ready, korek2 balik kotak kasut lama..
then i found my old pair of shoes,

Kasut murah2 jer beli dulu..masa awal2 kerja kat Trisystems Engineering. Baru teringat nak pakai, then my hubby tegur mase danial main2..
"Your shoes nih, bukan same sides ke??"

ALAMAK!!!~ After 3 years beli, tersimpan dlm kotak..
now i just realized, kasut tuh dua2 pon belah kaki kanan punyer! ;P

 There's another reason for me, TO GET A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!!~ heeeeee....

So, dah siap2..terus ke KLCC.
Tersangat crowded with lots of people! Sampai my mom pening kepala tgk ramai sgt orang, and Danial plak asik merengek.So, tak sempat nak buat apa pon..jalan2 kejap,
and had lunch at Pizza HUT. 
Before balik, sempatlah jugak grab my new shoes~

At night plak, sempat jumpa business partner near Tesco Ampang. Then, terus berkejaran nak cari spare part for dapur kitorang yang suddenly rosak.
From TESCO to ACE Hardware..and to Carrefour.

Memang susah nak cari loose spare part.
Kesian plak my mom if tak boleh nak masak apa kat rumah.
So, malas nak fikir2 panjang......

Hopefully this one will last longer than the previous one.
If not, takkan nak tukar dapur baru jer nih..padahal, masak nyer pon..2 minggu ke sebulan sekali ;P huhu.....

Owhh...what a long weekends, but we're enjoying every moments. Memang seronok, if my hubby pon boleh retire young and focus with our Premium Beautiful business only..24 hours!

Definitely we can spend more time with family..
working together and earning more together!!!
~ A Beautiful Life..~

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