Car Shopping @ Auto Bavaria ;)

January 06, 2012

Last Monday, Naa & hubby..Hanis Haizi & Razali Zain..with few friends more.. went to Auto Bavaria, Glenmarie..Shah Alam.

That was my first time, entering Auto Bavaria show room.
Felt so excited, teruja with adrenaline rush..
because our dream is about to become a reality very very soon !!!~ InsyaAllah...

With our dream car from dulu2 lagi....3 series!
I LOVE this color the MOST!!!

BLACK also menawan~ ;P

This hubby ckp, Not Bad! but rase mcm org tua sikit kot kan?

this silver pon okei..but i still prefer the first picture..the darker grey ;)

Move on to X1! Ada black/white/red/blue..
RED is my choice!!~ memang sesuaiii~

White..takmau la, sama with our Myvi jer..

Let us feel the engines!!~

Start the engine...

and here we go...first time merasa bawak MR B!

With mentor kesayangan, Hanis Haizi..bila business makin maju, its about time utk blajar bawak bimmer plak. Dah kata, nak duplicate leader bulat2..mesti la kan ;P hehe

Anak2 didik bersama mommy!

Happy faces orang nak dapat new baby @ new ride ;)

Another few shots of Naa Kamaruddin by Ashraf cameraman of the day ;P

merenung jauh...."is this a dream or reality?"  ;D

Kalau dulu, memang kitorang sentiasa berangan nak pakai BMW one day..but we know, with average monthly income..
kerja yang masuk pagi balik maghrib, 
we wont have that chance at all ! 
unless..gaji masuk RM20K ke atas, barulah ade peluang kot.

Alhamdulillah, God has shown me another way..
to make my dreams become reality
at my late 20's!


012 - 284 4960 

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  1. Naa cayangggg!! congrats!! ;D

  2. Thank you ain!!! <3

    Ayin...kereta baru on the way..tunggu keluar nanti, kita vroom2 cay!!~ ;)


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