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January 03, 2012


"Its like a new Sunrise… of Hope, of Prosperity, of Happiness
Its like a new Beginning… of Thoughts, of Words, or Actions
Its like a new Day… of Energy, of Strength, of Ideas
Its like a bunch of whole new things… of Prayers, of Friends, and of Love."

First of all..Thank you Allah,
for giving me another day, another chance to become a better individual, to work on new goals and have a better life..

I achieved so much in 2011 already
and THE BEST PART is..
I wasn't alone,
I have my family, my supportive friends, 
my beloved mentors..Hanis Haizi & Razali Zain,
also to great sifu..CDM CSChan and Madam,
not to forget our inspiring multimillionaire couple..Kak Ana & Abang Lan,
and SPECIAL THANKS to my Beautiful Team @ Business Partners!

As a start for this new year..
I have my own goals, target and plan!
One thing for sure, there's nothing you can achieve in life,
without setting your goal, and have a proper plan and dateline target!

So here goes, 
a quick overview on my next achievements in 2012~

1.Our New Baby @ new ride !!!~

2. DDM Seminar at Awana Resorts, Genting Higlands.

3. Free Holiday at Vietnam with business partners..

4. Another Free Honeymoon+holiday at  Holland, Belgium with hubby and other friends from Hanis Haizi's group!

5. Shopping and Shopping FREELY!!!~

6. Becoming the Crown Diamond Manager 2012 !!!~

7. Savings of COURSE!

6 figures savings by end of  2012!!!~

"Saving money is an important part of managing your personal finances. Devoting money to savings gives you peace of mind and helps you avoid going into debt for emergencies. At the very least, you should have an emergency savings account equal to eight months of livings expenses."
And a yearly savings goal is a great first step!

8. New House for my family!

9. Another holiday with family..

10. UMRAH with family..nak sgt sgt sgt bawak Muhammad Danial Ar-Rayyan! 

May all my wishes come true..and segala urusan dipermudahkan. Amin.....;)

Let us all start our new year with full of spirit, new motivation and new hope! Sesungguhnya Allah dah menjanjikan rezeki yang berlipat ganda bagi orang yang mahu berubah dan berusaha untuk mencapai sesuatu!

Jangan takut untuk bermula, kerana dengan langkah pertama itulah kita akan lebih maju ke depan.

To all business partners and future business partners..
I am here to guide you all the way..InsyaAllah,
together we'll make it through and let us be the new shining stars in 2012!

Join me, Naa Kamaruddin and My Beautiful Team
make all your dreams become reality!

012 - 284 4960

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