Wedding @ Felda Villa

December 24, 2011

Congratulations to the newly weds!!!
The groom is my Hubby's friend from Uniten.
So, the wedding was like a small reunion too for them..

Here goes some of the pictures taken during the wedding last Saturday, 17th December 2011~

Anak mommy sebok nak mommy punya!

Smile for the camera..(mommy nyer je la..Danial sebok kacau food ;P )

Okei..let's eat together..

Air apa green color..lime if im not mistaken..Danial minom tak ingat dunia

My Anak Teruna ;)

My Anak Teruna lagi..
Jumpa Fish!!! Terus melekat taknak gerak..

See.....nak ambik gambar pon taknak! Nak turun tgk fish kat situ jugak!

Our family with the BRIDE & GROOM!!

Ex-Uniten Family!! (minus my hubby..who was taking this picture ;P )

On the way back, drop by at B32 Stockist, collecting new stock for clients..Danial had his mimilk~

Finished his mimilk, dah recharged battery..HYPER with Daddy!

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