Happy 60th Birthday Mama! ;)

December 22, 2011

On Last Sunday, our Mama celebrated her 60th birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA..from all of us with lots of LOVEsss !!!

She is one tough woman who survives breast cancer.
Her cancer was detected last year, 2010..
1st stage nak masuk 2nd stage already,
memang terkejut..n all the family members kept on supporting her..mentally,emotionally.

She survived her operation..cancer cells removed already,
followed by radiotherapy,
last one was her physiotherapy!

Not to forget, Mama pengguna Premium Beautiful too!
dah kata menantu jadi usahawan corset
yang boleh membantutkan pertumbuhan sel kanser..
of course wajib pakai la kan..as protection
and salah satu usaha kita kan. 
Sponsor pakai for FREE jer 

The whole family went out for lunch at Cozy Corner, Ampang Park.

Here goes some of the pictures taken by hubby, sambil berperang dengan Danial ;P

Danial with his Favourite Man..TokWan! (bila Wan ada..daddy pon die takmau)

Whole family..while waiting for the food! Muka i dah mencuka, sebab kelaparan amat sangat! hehe

Sama2 menumpang dagu..Me + Mama

Along with her 2 girls~

still waiting for the food..aish, lambat betul~

Daddy and his boy, Danial Ar-Rayyan !!

First order, dah sampai..Haaaa..tgk muka Danial terjenguk cari mana food for him

Spaghetti Bolognese for Me!!!

Yummy Chicken Chop for Papa..tapi cucu2 yang banyak habiskan ;P

Adorable Airissa with Chinese Fried Rice..taknak share tuh, nak makan die sorang

Chicken with Cashew Nuts..betul ke nama die, yerkott ;P

Hailam Mee..for hubby! And ade few more orders, but tak sempat nak ambik gambar..semua dah kelaparan

Suapan Wan jugak yang die tunggu...

Okeiii...that's all for now. Another post, ade few pictures from a wedding last saturday..stay tune~ ;)

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