Retail Therapy / Self-Reward!! ;)

December 27, 2011

Have you ever heard of people telling you this..?

" Orang yang pandai shopping/habiskan duit..adalah orang yang pandai cari duit "

Hheeeee...i think, ade betul nyer jugak!
Because apa yang Naa nampak dekat my dear fren a.k.a my mentor, Hanis Haizi..
She's definitely a Big Spender and Shopaholic..yang boleh shop for CHANEL Handbags one after another in the same month! Pengsannn tgk her collections okeii ;P 
Tapi, takpelah..dah pandai habiskan duit, Hanis memang pandai cari duit jugak ;)
So, let us SHOPPPP till DROP!
Then kita sama2 usaha kerja untuk cover balik duit yang keluar.
Duit keluar macam angin..berdesupp!!~ 
Kita masukkan jugak duit balik at least macam air yang mengalir tanpa putus ..


Here goes some of the photos..hasil shopping for this weekend ~

For Mommy:

Finally!! New phone for me.. ;)

New "S" SKIN for my NEW 4S!

For Daddy @ Mr Ashraf Naserudin:

All 3 paperbags..All for him! ;)

1 new Timberland jacket (nak bawak pegi holland nanti ;P) + 1 new timberland t-shirt + 2 new GAP shirts

For my baby boy, Danial:

BIG CITY GARAGE for Danial!! ;)

Meronta, suruh bukak cepat!!!!!~
Terus open the box n pasang2..

This is what we call, TEAMWORK! ;)

Almost done....and he can't hardly wait to see the outcome n play~

We're so glad that he loves IT! (but have to always watch out, Danial asik nak panjat naik, buat macam meja plak..adoii~ )

Hmm..rasanya nih jer la kot penutop shopping for 2011! 
If nak tambah pon, jacket for me.

To be continued later with shopping list for 2012..~

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