2011 bon voyage & merci beaucoup - by Naa Kamaruddin ;)

December 30, 2011

will determine your future TOMORROW!

It's about time to say goodbye 2011..
HELLO 2012!!!~

Alhamdulillah, for a wonderful year..
a great start to a new career,
with so many achievements in 2011,
a great improvement to myself and family.

Let us go down the memory lane a little bit..

 March 2011~ 

..from zero knowledge and low confident level, as i wasn't working for more than a year after resigning my first job.

However, i believed in myself that i can do my best with the right guidance from a great mentor like Hanis Haizi!
Tips nak berjaya: Relakan diri kita dibentuk/dicanai oleh pemimpin kita ;)
March was my first month..a new baby to mommy Hanis Haizi ;)
April 2011~

First achievement in business - I've qualified the 1st FOC Trip to HongKong in just 1 month! (also brought my hubby for our 2nd sweet honeymoon ;))

My 2nd bonus almost reached RM9000!

Bought an iPad!!~

May 2011~

Reached my target to be a Diamond Sales Manager in 2 months!
I was really happy and honored to be posted in HanisHaizi's blog..thank you dear, for all your support and endless guidance..
*click here to read the special post ;)

 On the 1st May 2011, my baby boy turned 1!
For the first time, we organized a small makan2 at our house..

June 2011~

Went to Hong Kong (fully sponsored)..with hubby, along with new friends under Hanis Haizi's Big Family ;)

Since it was our first trip with the company..
I was super excited, hasil usaha dlm business..in just 1 month,
dapat all the 5 stars travel package/treatments, dapat merasa pergi HK Disneyland, my first experience..and this trip sgt2 seronok, shopping like crazyy!~ Dah nama pon prepare duit shopping jer kan pergi sana..yg lain FREE!!~

Takleh nak gambarkan apa yang Naa rasa sebenarnya. 
Nih la jugak paling jauh Naa pernah pergi, if not asik pergi Thailand and Singapore jer..kira over the border jerlaaa.. 

Finally..i got my 1st Designer's Handbag..GUCCI.
( bukan ciplak punyer yer..mmg follow mommy Hanis Haizi.."i dont buy fake goods" ..heeee.. )

Also bought a PRADA Shades for me, and a Ray.ban for hubby!

July 2011~

Attended SM/SSM Award..

Holland & Belgium Package has started.. June-October, so..we're working on it together with all my business partners.

Also celebrated my 2nd Wedding Anniversary on 31st of July..

August 2011~

It was the month of my birthdayy!~

and also a fasting month ;)

Berbuka puasa with my Beautiful Circles team at Istana Bambu.

Berbuka puasa with all the Diamonds under Hanis Haizi's group at Park Royal Hotel.

And of course celebrated Eidul-Fitri with lots of joy!
Banyak perbezaan raya 2010, bila compare balik ;)

September 2011~
Another great achievement.. RM100,000 Sales in a Month!
(received my Free DKNY watch + Swarovski Pen)

Have QUALIFIED for Holland & Belgium Trip in 4 months time, My 2nd FOC Trip!

October 2011~

Another step for me..now I'm a leader who produces leaders.
A new DIAMOND and RM 100,000 Sales achievers from my group, my 1st business partner.. Syida

November 2011~

Received formal letter for Holland & Belgium Trip Qualifier!
Celebrated the 19th Anniversary/CDM Awards at MAEPS..
It was a great night, it was my first time attending the company's big event..together with my beautiful team

All CDMs were looking glamorous and fabulous!!~
(terus setting impian, nak pakai dress from top designer too..for 20th Anniversary in 2012!)

New Trip to Vietnam was announced too..
Setting my next target to bring along as many partners for this free trip, teman makan semeja, teman shopping, teman ambik gambar ramai2..yes, THE MORE THE MERRIER!!~
And the best part is..everyone has the chance to follow..Jom ramai2 ;)

December 2012 ~

Received full itinerary for our next trip to Holland!
I'm Super excited and really can't wait for the Europe trip in April..before that pergi ke Vietnam dulu in March with partners yang lain2 ;)

Went to Penang..for business and holiday with family. Love spending time with my two heroes :)

Attended SM/SSM Seminar for Hanis Haizi's Group with my business partners.

End of year..semua pon sebok shopping..
 And.. more new toys for the whole family!!~


Thank You Allah, for a wonderful year.
I'm planning and currently working on my plans to have great years to come..starting with - to be a better me and strive for a better life!

Stay tune for my next post for my New Year Resolutions..

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  1. Salam..rsa nk nagis bca blog naa ni..bkn nangis sbb sedih tp sbb terbakarnya smgt jie ni..Tlg guide jie yer mummy..im really want to be like syida, naa & of course Hanis..tq :):)

  2. Ofcourse kitorg suma akan sentiasa ade utk guide. Just follow the steps and remember ILMU + BERTINDAK + RUJUK = SUCCESS Confirmed!! :)

  3. achievement yang sgt membanggakan naa! mungkinkah 2012 shikin mengulangi steps yang naa dah lalui?! guide me too naa kamaruddin!

  4. Thank u my dear shikin!! Jom sama2 kita jadikan 2012 satu tahun pembuka tirai kejayaan kita lagi. You're gonna start new life as a wife and a successfull businesswoman too! Just follow the steps, and kena sentiasa dekat dengan orang2 berjaya. confirm melekat terpalit sekali aura kejayaan kat kita ;)InsyaAllah...

  5. terima kasih naa.... everything... everything.......

  6. Thanks to u too Rina!!!~ masih setia bersama2 kami..n InsyaAllah, together we'll make it through this 2012!~


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