A year OLDER..a year WISER!

August 02, 2011

        -quoted from Danial's fav song at BabyTV-

August 2nd,1984..Thursday..at 4.15pm, I wan BORN.
Thank you Umi n Abah for bringing me into this world ;)

And here I am today after 27 years!

In my case, I totally agree with the old quote
"A year older..a year WISER"

I celebrated my birthday..

at 25 as a wife

at 26 as a mommy

at 27 as a NEW BRAND ME!
A successful businesswoman
One of the Premium Beautiful Top Agent.

Alhamdulillah for what I have achieved until this day..
and for what i have become!

I'm so thankful for having such a wonderful
family and friends.
 I'm also lucky to be one of HanisHaizi's apprentice
and being surrounded with all the positive people
in her group! ;)

Everyone has their own birthday wish
and of course I have my own wishlist at my new age.
Jeng jeng jeng....

"Nothing is impossible if you BELIEVE"

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  1. Happy birthday naa!!! Tahun ni semoga kita bakal capai kepuasan dlm hidup kita!! I nk tambah satu lg hadiah birthday ni hadiah dr madam- jam tgn!

  2. Thank u dear!! yes yes yes.. Jam tgn from madam, gonna be the best birthday present ;)


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