Breakfasting on my birthday ;)

August 03, 2011

This is my 1st time, celebrating birthday in Ramadhan.
Mr hubby still, if nak ajak orang lain keluar pon  tak boleh blanje mkn, puasa kan ;P
So, end up..teman la mr Ashraf Naserudin
pergi Prince Court Med Center for his appointment.
After 1 hour of waiting..Doctor pon tak sure what's wrong with him..n what could have triggered the headache and high blood pressure.
He suggested to run the MRI scan on Thursday.
So, have to wait for the detail result..later~

Settle appointment at PCMC, we went to Pavilion 
to find my Red Velvet cake..but finished already ;(
So, frustrated..then, we decided to 'berbuka' dekat situ.
Both of us mcm teringin nak mkn beef ribs
n the yummy appetizer..kicking shrimps!!
Terus reserve 2 seats for us at TonyRoma's..

Sementara nak tunggu azan maghrib, mcm2 pose la yg keluar..

Here comes the APPETIZER!!~

And the main course..



Before that, sambil tunggu buka puasa 
sempat jalan2 pusing2.
Danial jugak yang dapat barangnya..
new pants n new shirts for Raya!!

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