Happy 2nd Anniversary Ashraf Naserudin!!

August 01, 2011

"31st July 2011"
..marked as our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!!

After having homemade nasi lemak by Mama..
we only managed to go out for a 1 hour foot massage at Ampang.
Yes, we enjoyed our 1 hour session..and thanks to hubby for bringing us there.

We actually planned to get the red velvet and rose at Pavilion, KL
and as we entered the parking area, it was so packed! 
There's no empty space to park the car..pusing punya pusing dah brape round and from B1-B3.
The cars from outside kept on coming and the management ppl didn't even bother to stop them from coming in,
even though the parking space was already full! 

And of course, the traffic's getting worse 
and mr hubby was getting cranky
and marah punyer pasal..migraine attack again and blood pressure getting higher.
Ohhh..NO!!! why now..n why today??
A bit frustrated, but then we had to go home.
The whole evening, tidur jer la dalam kekeciwaan
but i wanna stay positive!
It's not something that he want it too..but itulah dugaan namanya.

After a long nap and rest, he finally woke up and he wanted me to get ready for dinner.
We took Danial along with us to Sri Ayutthaya.

Siap tarik tgn mommy..from the carpark
While waiting for the food..

my 2 favourite boys!! <3

Supposed to be the 'family perfect picture'..Danial pulak tak reti dok diam..end up takde gambar lain dah..huhu ;P

with budak yang tak reti dok diam

Here comes the food....

Deep Fried Fish with Rayong Sauce

Lemon chicken

Kailan Thai Salted Fish

Tomyam Kung

Jasmine tea

tugas seorang mommy..of course la suap nasik kat anak ;P

mommy with the food....

That's a simple celebration..yet, still so meaningful for us!

As stated earlier at my FB status, my wishlist for this year..

A Red Rose..A slice of Red Velvet..A Love Note!

I did ask mr hubby..bila nak dapat semua ni,
and biasa la ayat pemanis sentiasa ada jer, he replied..
" u tak cakap u nak all 3 of them today and at once. 
so, just wait n see..ade la nanti ok "

well..that's what i love about you..
your sweet words!
"I OVE U BEE..."

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  1. congratulation 4 ur annyversary naa..hope korang hepi alwaysz n makin2 maju ke depan..hope Allah murahkan rezki kita selalu ya :)

  2. Thank you dear!! ;) InsyaAllah..semoga rezeki kita bertambah bulan puasa ni..disamping kumpul pahala yg berganda jugak!


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