Ramadhan Buffet @ Park Royal with Hanis Haizi's group-Updated!

August 15, 2011

Alhamdulillah..rezeki bulan ramadhan sentiasa bertambah.
After having buffet at Istana Bambu on Friday with my group,
we had another buffet at Park Royal Hotel, 
with Hanis Haizi's group.

All DSM, DDM and CDM under our group have gathered
to have our iftar together. This is my first time, and i'm hoping to bring more DSM, DDM under me for the next Ramadhan.
As told by beloved mentor, Hanis..
"Next year..cuba bayangkan bawak ramai rakan kongsi pulak untuk berbuka sama2..penuh meja. Lebih seronok ;)"

So, to all business partners..next year..kita sama2 penuhkan ruang meja bila CDM Hanis ajak berbuka untuk pangkat DSM ke atas..occay??

So, here goes..some of the pictures taken with my humble camera..yg tak berape nak cantik..
and some was taken from Hanis Haizi's blog ;)

The theme for the night is..BLUE!!~

Before semua sampai, kitorang rasmi..korek2 fresh prawns and oysterss~

Traditional food..ade mcm2 jenis kerabu ada..

Premium Beautiful Agents! ;)

kambing golek kegemaran ramai..especially hubby ler~ be careful with ur BP..

Semua lauk2 kampung ada... yummms!!~

Ulam2..budu, tempoyak, cencalok, sambal belacan..semua adaaa

some of the desert selections..

my all time favourite..Haagen Dazs ice creamsss!!~

The food selections mmg semua sedap2..n ade mcm2 lagi yang takde dlm gambar ni.
So, anyone who's looking for ramadhan buffet,
I highly recommend Park Royal Hotel.
Owhh, and mase kitorang tgh mkn..
Tengku Abdullah@Tengku Mahkota  Pahang also came
with his children..penuh body guards skali.

Happy faces of the DIAMONDS!!~

Right after iftar, around 9.30pm..
all of us were heading to B32 stockist to attend the class.
That night, we had a celebration for new CDM, DDM
and RM100,000 sales achievers for last month.

This is what I love about the Premium Beautiful business..instead of the monthly income/bonus, I have a strong group support under CDM Hanis Haizi and B32, and new friends that I can count on!

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