Iftar @ Istana Bambu with Business Partners

August 14, 2011

On last Friday, I had organized a small gathering with business partners and our mentors, Hanis Haizi and Razali Zain.
We had our Iftar together at Istana Bambu Restaurant, Ampang.

Altogether, there were 11 of us who can make it on that day.
The rest, they had another plan earlier with family and Aienn Latifi is still in confinement ;)

So, here goes some of the pictures taken at Istana Bambu...
It is a nice place, beautifully build with bamboos..but somehow, the quality of the camera were so bad..hmm, need to change the camera very very soon..right Mr Ashraf Naserudin??  ;P

As a HOST, of course i'm the first one arrived! ;)

Some of the food ..for me n Mr Ashraf

Daging Salai Masak Lemak

Kuih Muih yang sedap2

My plate..full with nasi, sotong goreng tepung, buttered prawn, sambal ikan, ayam, sayur and telur dadar

Kambing golek, ayam bakar with black pepper sauce

Last but not least, before leaving ..it's time for group photos!!~

And everyone wants a picture with our mentor..
CDM Hanis Haizi @ CDM celebrity! hehe..


Syida@Cikcida with Hanis



We had such a great time that night..
as a host, i would like to thank everyone who came.
Next year, InsyaAllah..we're going to have Iftar together with more newcomers, Premium Beautiful Agents!
Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak ;) 

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