Melaka Day Trip

July 31, 2011

Me and Hubby had a day trip to Melaka
on last Saturday.
We had a nice short trip..and next time,
we're planning on taking along Danial.
Boleh balik kampung + jalan2 kat bandar melaka..
bawak danial naik beca ;)
We started our journey as early as 8.30am..
it was a rainy day~ (hujan rahmat di pagi hari).

We stopped at Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh 
for our breakfast

happy face after having breakfast

At around 11am..arrived at Ayer Keroh and we're heading to Jusco

while waiting for clients..

Dah settle semua urusan.. jalan2 cari makan.
We had our lunch here..
"Asam Pedas Melaka Warisan"
Had otak2 as appetizer ;P
Char kuew teow for me and kuey teow kungfu for hubby!

Semua orang makan asam pedas, but we're too full to eat nasik. 
Next time around, kita makan kat tepi laut plak cay~

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