Aleesya's Birthday!

July 26, 2011

Happy birthday to Aleesya!!!~
 Even though Abi n Umi jauh dari mata, 
tapi sentiasa dekat dihati..
and you're doing great little sweetheart.
Umi and Abi must be proud of you!

On last Sunday, we celebrated
Aleesya's 1st birthday at her Atok's new house.
So here goes..some of the pictures taken~

On the way..while picking up Alessya's birthday present,
we bought Danial a new musical book + mickey shades!
Handsome tak anak mommy ?? 

As we arrived, birthday girl belom tukar baju lagi..
here's the picture of Danial n Aleesya..talking to each other
in their own language

her birthday cake..

here comes the birthday girl..Aleesya!

Danial and Aleesya with Atok!
Suke danial main tigger dgn atok, aleesya sebok bergaya with her shades.

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