Positive feedback from pb users!

June 13, 2011

In these few months, I have received 
so many positive feedback from my clients. 
After wearing PB constantly for few weeks and months, 
they can feel the difference already!

YEAYYY! I feel so glad that I can help.

Here goes..some of the feedback from them:

1. Salma- a PB user from uk

" Hi Naa,
Tu la, i pun lambat jawab ni. Sorry, tiap kali nak reply asik terbuat benda lain hehe..
Actually mmg i dah dapat kesan pakai tu PB tu i rasa, after 3/4 weeks ni, altho i x pakai hari2, i dah hilang 4-5kg jugak. Alhamdulillah..
Tapi belum capai target i lagi..hehe.
Dari segi kesihatan pulak, i think i have more energy altho sometimes i x cukup rehat/tido.."

2. Yana- a PB user from pandan indah

1 day after wearing PB: " owh thanks. anyway i feel better right after pakai tu smlm. siap boleh buat keje rumah lg. i feel even better today. hehe..Alhamdulillah.mintak2 dah btul2 sihat la ni. yg i prasan, i jadi active sikit. rasa nak begerak je. huhu. thanks to u ;) "
after few weeks: " Alhamdulillah so far so good.yg yana perasan stretch marks kt perut dh mkn pudar.hopefully hilang la x lame lg.susu byk je.."

3. Nawal - a PB user from JB

"..well, shape is a bit better. weight still about the same but PB is good in supporting my back pain. My back tak sakit dah so it really helps when it comes to my 14 working hrs, 7 days a week. next, i want to order lactolite from u n see if it will help me with my weight. "

4. Iera - a PB user from tmn melati.. a good friend of mine!

she sent me a picture of her new stunning look! unfortunately..tak boleh share publicly because she's not wearing her scarf. But, here's what she said..

hehe. dah bley pakai uk8. lost 2,3 cms in just few weeks."

From above feedback, you can see 
how PB can help u in so many aspects..
health and beauty!

People with health problem like back pain, gastric, discharge(keputihan), fatigue(kelesuan), angin, 
peranakan bengkak, buasir, and etc..
all can be solved by wearing PB constantly!

Try it now..to feel it yourself ;)


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