Hong Kong shopping sneak peek!

June 22, 2011

Occay..some of you have been reading my blog 
and already knew that I have been talking about the 
hong kong trip!

Since this is is my 1st FOC trip with the business group, 
me and hubby was really excited 
and we had a blast over there~

So here are some pics of my purchases...
PRADA shades for me + RayBan frames for hubby! bought these from Lens Crafters on Day 1
GUCCI handbag + DKNY jeans..bought these at Harbour city on Day 2

Love all of them !!! ;)

mickey t-shirts for me n hubby..from Disneyland on Day 2

part of the souvenirs for everyone!
overall purchases..for me + hubby + danial + family+business partners +future business partners!

We had a blast in Hongkong,
those moments with hubby and the group
were priceless, enjoyable and memorable!
I just can't wait for the next trip..

For this trip, I can only manage to bring hubby along..
and InsyaAllah, for the 2nd trip..
we'll be going with our business partners.
" The more, the merrier "

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  1. Hong Kong mmg marvelous place to shop...branded products.... like....like

  2. yup..hong kong=shopping paradise. rase 4 hari pergi sgt2 tak cukop. 2 weeks baru cukop nak tawaf semua tempat shopping kot ;P hehe.


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