Checklist for Hongkong

June 08, 2011

Another 8 days to go!!~

These few days, early in June..
we've been so busy with so many appointments
semua pon nak kejar time b4 pergi trip.

I won't be around from
16th until 19th of June.
But for those who wants to buy PB/lactolite
or interested to know more about business opportunity,
you can just directly contact my business partners..

~Syida(subang, shah alam, and kelantan )
~Izatil(setiawangsa, wangsa maju)
~Jumirdah (jln segambut, jln kuching, and sabah)
~Anis (damansara, klcc area)
~Aienn (Seremban, kuantan n other east coast area)

Now..lets go through my checklist for hongkong; clothes to follow the color theme ;)

2. New backpack for Mr hubby..and die mengader nak beli toiletry bag  jugak!

3.Of course..luggage bag as posted earlier.

4.Shoes for me and hubby

5.Panadol Actifast and Soluble


6.Last but not least..some amount of HKD for shopping!!!~

Hmm..did i miss anything from my checklist??
i thinks that's all we need to prepare for now.

To all business partners, teruskan business mcm biasa ok?
Keep on moving to be part of the group for the next trip..

To those who wants to experience FREE holiday,
fully sponsored by company..
be part of our team now!
You can also generate more side income(dekat nak raya),
and wear the PB corset for FREE ;) 

Further details,


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