Hong Kong with Hanis Haizi's group - Day 3

June 30, 2011

At 7.30 am, all of us were ready to start our day!

teros begerak ke Islamic Center..
and we had dim sum for breakfast!!!

Moving on to our next stop..for group pictures!!~

Then, we went to Victoria Peak, to see the Hong Kong view from the top. It was a bit rainy..habis group pictures,
we went back to islamic hall for our early lunch. 
Perut semua penuh, tapi dah terpaksa makan lagi. 
In the bus, semua terlelap jer..sampai our tour guide pon bagi laluan utk tidor, takde org nak dgr. haha ;P
Sempat jugak singgah Duty Free shop and also TSL jewellery While waiting,
jadi model la kejap for my junior photographer ;P

Last stop for the day, Harbour City again!!
on the way kesana, semua mata teros segar balik,
nak shopping punyer pasal.
So, that's our last chance untok angkut barang2 yg tak sempat nak beli the day before.
At 5.15pm, we're heading back to hotel for Gala dinner preparation!!

For our group, under Hanis Haizi..
color theme for the night is RED!!
we had such a great time in the grand ballroom.

80% of hongkong qualifiers came from our group,B32!
bayangkanlah betapa kecohnya nyer hall with our group jer.
and obviously i'm proud to be one of them!

That night, for the opening, we watched HIP HOP lion dance..then, semua serbu dinner buffet!
For the buffet, they served 100 kinds of meals
and semua pon makan tak ingat dunia. 
(we have been told by madam, the buffet costs about RM300/head)

ladies at our table..

and all the pretty ladies with new handbags!!~

 Last, but not least.. me and my mentor, Hanis Haizi!

Thank you so much for believing in me!!
honestly, masa awal2 join business..
tak terfikir nak dapat free trip to hongkong in just 1 month and bawak husband skali. 
Tapi ikot jer kata leader and buat jerr...
Alhamdulillah, DAPAT!!
Now, i'm looking forward for the next trip,
Holland + Belgium!!

To all business partners, thank you for your support.
Marilah sama2 berusaha, maju ke HADAPAN ke Holland!
jgn toleh kiri, jgn toleh kanan,

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