What's coming up next - Holland+Belgium

July 03, 2011

To all beloved readers, sure semua dah tak larat nak tgk pasal hongkong..again n again~

So  let's take a peek on what's coming up NEXT!
Our 2nd FOC trip in Holland + Belgium
InsyaAllah in March 2012 (spring season!!~)

Holland is the largest producer of tulips and other bulb flowers. Flower bulbs are cultivated in an area of about 20,000 hectares !
MasyaAllah..what a magnificent view!!~  
some people said, color die warna-warni mcm Kek Lapis Sarawak..hehe (sesuai nak berangan nari2 mcm citer hindustan  ni ;P )
Windmills of Holland!!~

Holland's cannals..let us explore the city by boat or bike

 Amsterdam bridge..night view

Brussels Grand Square..

And of course..the wooden Clogs !! 
nih..mmg souvenirs yang wajib beli from sane ;)

Move on to food...Belgium waffles

Belgian Chocolates...

This will be our 2nd FOC trip fully sponsored
with Hanis Haizi's group.
This time around..we're looking forward to bring along 
our beloved business partners.
So, let's work in TEAM (Together.Everyone.Achieve.More!)


Interested to join us for the next trip..
and get another side income with RM4500 as your 1st bonus?
Contact me NOW for more details!

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  1. nak jugak!!! hmm...beruntung kalau dapat berbulan madu kali kedua kat sini...entah bile la agaknye nih...

  2. semua orang pon boleh..bermula dgn tindakan kita harini. ;)


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