Wishlist for Hong Kong

May 18, 2011

Another 1 month..we'll be off to Hong Kong !!

Let's make a wishlist here for me and hubby..

No 1: Handbag for me ;) 
1st choice.. 

2nd choice..
 3rd choice..

 No 2: A new wallet
No 3: New glasses for mR Hubby!

1st choice..VERSACE for men

this color...OR

 shiny black

2nd choice..Jaguar

3rd choice..Emporio Armani

There are so many choices for now..
kat sane nanti, of course there's a lot more..so, tunggu!!!~

This is my 1st trip with the group..
and under CDM Hanis ade 2 bas akan begerak kesana.
For 1st timer like me..mesti super excited and we'll be following our leaders..here and there.."shop till you drop!" ;P

To all business partners, dun worry..ade "ole" special nanti for you guys and next time around..kita siap2 pergi europe trip plakk..yeayyy!!!~

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  1. naa.sume handbag tuh cantik.grab jek sume ;p.nnti balik menyesal.haha!enjoy your trip n 2nd honeymoon ;p..

  2. ehhehe..Thank u dear! i baru review jer pon dah geram2 tgk handbags. belom lagi masuk boutique kat sane..huhu ;P

  3. tahniah kak naa.. semoga terus success in bisnes.. nnt leh jd sifu nonie plak =)

  4. thank u nonie! InsyaAllah..semua org boleh buat n boleh berjaya..kalau NAK! ;)


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