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May 20, 2011

Have you checked your own body figure lately??

Does it look like this...with flabby jellies/spare tires?

I know..almost everyone are facing this problem..
especially women!! 

After my 1st pregnancy, i had bigger tummy, bigger waistline..bigger hips..bigger boobs!
I was totally out of shape and felt disappointed 
everytime i looked in the mirror..
owhhh~ im so "MAK" org!!~

Then i found this amazing PB corset and lacto-lite

after wearing PB for only 2 n 1/2 months
and taking lactolite everyday..
i am now back to 45kg!
my waist is getting smaller..from 72cm->67cm

my old jeans are too loose for me now..

I am fully satisfied with the OUTCOME!!~

 During my 1st time, wearing hubby helped me to hook it up from the back,for the long bra part.
It was so difficult for a 1st timer, as always..ketat lagi kan?
In few days later, i managed to wear it on my own..
In 2 weeks, i can wear all 3-pieces in 1 minute..
In 1 month..i changed the hooks from 1st hook to 2nd hook..
and TODAY...i'm using the 3rd hook!! 
i'm getting slimmer..and no more ' "MAK" org nyer body!'

For more details, consultation, trial..
(I'm looking for new agents from all regions too!)


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  1. Good effort of advertisement. Ader utk lelaki tak? Saya ni aktif juga sport. tp dah lama tak bersukan, spare tire mula nampak. Boleh get rid of this thing?

  2. mrremz..Thank u! yes, this product..lelaki pon boleh pakai. Cuma pakai waist nipper (bengkung). My hubby also a Pb waist nipper user. mmg effective jugak. he lost few kgs..with PB and also lactolite intake ;) anything, u can directly contact my no..012-2844960.


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