16 May, 2011

Advance shopping for hari Raya!

Yeah..i know..it is still early..but i really need to plan earlier,
malas nak berebut dgn org ramai bulan puasa nanti ;)

And Alhamdulillah, my 3rd bonus dah masuk last week..
in the middle of the month! yg kebiasaannya..semua dah sengkek..after bayar all the bills and loans.

Shopping in the middle of the month 
was the best feeling ever!!~
and 1 thing for sure, org melayu dah takde kat shopping mall. semua agak lengang..
yang penuh, chinese and foreigners. 
Conslusion made, i think..tgh2 bulan nih, chinese and foreigners jer kot yg still berduit and they chose to shop in the middle of the month because less crowd.
Lucky us,our monthly bonus masuk tgh2 bulan, musim org ketandusan duit pocket..hehe ;)

So, here goes some of the paperbags..
hasil shopping for mommy+daddy+danial!

From KLCC and Jln Tar..

From Pavilion..

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