To All Brides to be!!!~

May 03, 2011

It's a WEDDING SEASON again!!!~

May and June have always been the peak season for weddings.I received so.... many invitations and got 3-4 weddings clashes on the same date! so how? huhu..we'll try our best to be there on your wedding day occay ;) 

Since it's a wedding season now..
i'm taking the opportunity to promote a well-known product,
Premium Beautiful Corset!
All brides to be will be needing a corset for the wedding.
Instead of buying a normal corset without any other health benefits, why don't you invest for a 3 in 1 corset like PB!
It comes with a lifetime warranty too!

WHY do you need PB?

1. You need to LOOK GOOD and FABULOUS on your big day of course! (you will be the center of attention)

-With PB, you will get the nice curve instantly to fit in well in your wedding dress and looking HOT!

The corset will help you to achieve the perfect hour glass instantly, and by constantly wearing it can get a nice body curve even without the corset on. 

It has been centuries and in many shapes, corsets were worn by both men and women, but mostly women. Dulu2, corset ni hanya mampu dipakai bangsawan2 jer, sebab tu la semua perempuan bangsawan dulu2, body sgt2 cantik and terletak! Nowadays..everyone can have it.So, sape yang still taknak pakai, rugi la kot ;P

2. After the wedding, you need to stay in shape for your hubby!
They will appreciate you me. sape yang taknak tgk wife cantik and pandai jaga body kan?
Another extra benefit, PB can help to improve your fertility. To those, trying to conceive , mmg sgt2 sesuai.
During intimacy pon, both of you will feel the difference ;P

3.After delivery, you will need a corset again! You can always wear PB during confinement, instead of buying a traditional 'bengkung" yang kena berlilit lilit tuh.
Traditional Vs. Premium Beautiful Corset

All HOT moms should be wearing PB corset to get back in shape in shorter time! Rahim pon cepat kecut, luka2 dalam cepat sembuh, apa2 yg longgar boleh ketat balik, apa2 yg jatuh boleh naikkan balik!

From what I have highlighted here..
you can decide on your own!
As for me, Premium Beautiful will always be my no.1 choice!

Last but not least,
Semoga berbahagia and berkekalan ke anak cucu ;)

For more info and details on product:

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